A letter before bed-time, from Evie to Mom


Cynthia: dear Evelyn (I think she means “love/from Evelyn”)

God loves you

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Evie learning her letters

Evie has shown a great interest in understanding and improving her letters, recently. (Part of this is consistent work with opa!). This last few months, she consistently asks for help with writing and sounding out letters. 

Here she is, writing out the “recipe” for muffins

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Pumpkin carving Night

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Evelyn jokes

Q: Why did the log sing in the mouth?

A: Because the human wanted it’s teeth to get rusty

Why did the human jumpin the volcano?

Because he wanted swim in hot lava

Abigail’s jokes:

Q: What instrument does a frog play?

A: a hop-sicord 

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Scenes from Evie’s 5th birthday party weekend

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Abbey’s note to me after coming home from a business trip

I think she means it affectionately 

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Tonight, at dinner, we were talking about impulse control and why it’s important. Then, it occurred to me, as it often does, that the girls may not understand the concept of impulse control.  

They might not even understand “impulse”; why would they at age 4/ 7?  So we got into explaining that. But the girls got it, eventually. 

And that’s when Abbey, as she is prone to do, came up with a quote (as she is prone to do). She has a way with words, and when she really gets a concept, she can actually be quite eloquent. The way she put it (and she came up with it herself, instantaneously), sounded so good that it brought a smile to our faces. 

I liked her phrase so much, we decided to make a little poster out of it. 

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