Christmas in Leavenworth, part 2


Well, we just left Leavenworth.   This was one of those trips that deserves 2 albums, so here’s the second one.

Ho, ho, ho.  Merry Christmas




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Christmas Vacation 2018, Leavenworth.




Official Christmas Vacation began this afternoon as we took off in Uncle Mikes 15 passenger van and, along with the 4 other Impola families and 3 additional Impola siblings, head to Leavenworth to Mountain Springs Lodge, where we have been before.

Leavenworth, WA is kind of like “the place to celebrate Christmas” in Washington state, if you want that kind of classic, snowy, Norman-Rockwell type place to celebrate.  Indeed, at times these last few days, things have seemed so picturesque and beautiful I’ve looked over my shoulder to see if there was a TV camera filming- it seems so Christmas-sy.




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This morning before school … Merry Christmas

Apparently, this is not obvious, so I’m going to explain the conceit of the photo:

I am Santa, and the two girls are my reindeer (notice the picture, and the horns, on their PJ’s).  I have them reined in (notice the ribbon) and they are carrying me on my sleigh


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The girls’ Christmas lists 2018


Evelyn’s list:


Translation: 1) a toy pterodactyl, 2) a toy crown, 3) a toy doll, 4) a toy wand, 5) a playhouse, 6) a robot




Abbey’s list:


Translation: “Marilyn” is Abbey’s ‘American Girl’ doll



I don’t know what a “flipsie snake” is, but they are found in the toy store nearby in the Columbia City part of Seattle



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Like Daughter, like Father

Abbey came home from school today and told me about a poem she picked out in school to recite to her class.  She told the name of the poem: It’s the poem “Smart”, by Shel Silverstein.

I got a big smile as she started reciting the poem, and then telling me the name.  Guess what?  I chose this exact poem to recite to my… third-grade class at Weisbrook Elementary in Wheaton, IL, in the spring of 1988.

Now…what are the chances that that’s a coincidence?  I don’t know how popular the poem itself is, but Shel Silverstein has to be one of the more popular poetry authors out there. But even then, he’s written a lot of poems!  How do you explain a daughter picking out the same poem in the same grade, where I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it to her?

Regardless of how ‘special’/’unique’ it is, it’s one of those special reminders that your kids are, in some real way… you.  They’ve got your thoughts, outlook, sense of humor… who knows exactly what part of you they are… but they have some of you in there.  And it’s a source of pride and wonderment that some part of you lives on in this little being.

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Tonight we celebrated a Dutch Christmas tradition with Moniek, D&C’s Dutch Au pair.









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Night at the Nutcracker






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