Evie trapping me in the “closet dungeon”

Not sure what I did to deserve the punishment, but Evie informed me this afternoon that I needed to “spend time in the closet”.  This closet happens to have no door handle, so she would periodically come in and check in on me, to see if I was sorry.






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Date Night: David Wilcox, Seattle Art Museum




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The Girls fall in love with theater 

I’ve always known that both of our girls loved stories.  But it wasn’t until today, when they went to their first community theater showing of “the Boy who cried Wolf”.  Despite being afraid of the wolf, they ended up being mesmerized by the live performances. 

They are now asking to find roles in drama to take part in themselves, which is really cool because both Cyn & I did drama.  

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On the way home… reflections on Miami 

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Moments in Miami: the Wynwood Arts District



Well, we’ve spent plenty of time at the beach (more on that in following days), but tonight we hit a special spot that I thought we’d post because we like it so much: the Wynwood Arts District, which might as well be called “Selfie Central”, because you trip over people taking pictures of themselves every 30 seconds here.


That’s no dig on them- this is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to take a selfie, and we did it several times ourselves.  The walls around the area, for blocks, are painted as murals in beautiful bright “Miami colors”, and we spent a few hours here.

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Miami: Winter Getaway 2017

Just like last year, we wanted some sun and warmth in the winter months.  So we are on our way to visit Uncle Scott in Miami

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Study skills 

It’s a never-ceasing-to-amaze process: seeing a mind expand and express itself in new skills.

Here’s Abbey working through some number problems her teacher gave her. What’s most amazing is that it’s not just simple addition or subtraction. Instead, it challenges Abbey to reason through the numbers- dividing, adding, subtracting… sometimes all at once. Cyn says that the elementary-education-term for this is “number sense”: the ability to play around with numbers. 

But Abbey came up with these strategies and steps herself. Again, it’s amazing to see it come out of her mind organically.

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