Evie: “dad, if there’s a lemonade waterfall in heaven, will the lemonade hurt my lips?”

The seriousness of her face made me keep a straight face, answering with the utmost seriousness 

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Evelyn’s t ball season 

In their wisdom, the Seattle Youth Baseball league elected to start baseball a year early- for four year olds, this year.  Evie’s friends decided to join, so she did too.

Things started off absolutely delightful.  For the first 2-3 weeks, Evie refused to take off her team baseball hat, or glove, or uniform.  She practiced catch with me, all the time.  And she looked forward to practice and the games.  (see her hit in the above video).

Alas, it may very well be that our lasting memory of t-ball for 4 year olds is that there is a REASON it’s not normally done for 4 year olds.  After the excitement of a new activity wore off, this became a real drag for Evie. Here she is, “playing second base” on one of her last games.


We will see if she remembers t ball fondly and wants to return next year, but I do worry that this season will be the extent of Evie’s baseball career.






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Date night: u2 Joshua Tree concert




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Another lost tooth…

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A Bird Family has decided to make our Backyard their Home…

Last year, Opa got me into birding. He bought us a bird feeder and helped us set it up. Then, grandpa Impola helped the girls make a bird house. 
It’s exciting to see how many birds have enjoyed the back yard this spring. Yesterday, I witnessed a bird inching her way towards our birdhouse. Exciting red, I have her space to do what I thought she was going to do. Sure enough, she flew into the house. 

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Breakfast conversation between sisters

E: what day is it?

A: Friday

E: oh. Wednesday is my favorite day

A: well, i could make you a calendar so you know when Wednesday is 

E: ok. But I only want a Wednesday calendar 

A: Evelyn, they don’t make Wednesday calendars.  You have to put all the days on it

E: well, if you can’t make me a Wednesday calendar, I don’t want any calendar at all

A (obviously frustrated/ exasperated): okay, I’ll work on it

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Abigail’s first grade class photo

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