Father & Daughter

My 34th birthday was a few days ago.  To celebrate, my mom sent me this picture (I’m the one on the right) that was taken on my fourth birthday- 30 years ago, in 1982. 

It was a great birthday.  My mom gave my friends and me a t-shirt and a fabric crayon to become superheroes.  I remembered it fondly.

But Cyn’s reaction was a little different.  “you look like Abigail!- or, maybe the other way around she said”

I’ve always felt that the process of parenting is a transcendental experience. Seeing myself in my daughter makes me think that she’s not so much “my daughter” as a little piece of Cyn & me mixed together.



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1 Response to Father & Daughter

  1. Shannon says:

    I definitely see a strong resemblance to you.

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