The Snowpocalypse is Upon Us!

Well, it came as was foretold by the weathermen.  I was dubious, as the previous calls for snow became ice and then just slush within hours, as happens so often in the PNW.   But it came.


It started late on Tuesday night (really it was Wed AM), and it came quick and blanketed the neighborhood QUICK.  And it has not stopped, now 36 hours later.  This is very impressive for the PNW- it just doesn’t happen up here.  As I said before, this is a snowstorm that would do a Chicagoan proud.

What would NOT do a Chicagoan proud is the way they handly their streets here in the PNW.  It is just atrocious.  The streets (see below) are like hockey rinks here- that is not an exaggeration.  And we live on a pretty busy street, too, right off the main town area of Burien.  Then the weather contributed to the ice last night by dropping little iceballs from the sky.

As of this moment, it’s back to snowing.  We are enjoying the time off together.  That’s all, folks

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1 Response to The Snowpocalypse is Upon Us!

  1. Shannon says:

    I heard it had gotten crazy, but that IS really bad. 36 hours? Yikes. Feeling like coming down for a visit yet? 🙂

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