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First Haircut for Abigail (and first post for Cynthia)!

If it weren’t for Tim, this family would have no pictures or record of things going on.  Thanks to him for starting this blog and encouraging us to take pictures of events (both important and non-important).  I’m always grateful that … Continue reading

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Uncle Eric back in Town

Eric came into town for the conclusion of the stormans case in Tacoma. Abigail had a LOT of fun with Uncle Eric!

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The Magnuson Park Monthly Race

One of our goals this year was to get back into running. (My specific goal was to run 6 5ks and beat 23 minutes). This morning’s run at Magnuson Park was fun, but the weather was a little uncooperative (excuse the poor video quality) . Oh well, I guess that makes you look forward to the summer.

I got 28 minutes this morning. That means I’ve gotta shave 5 minutes off my time.

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Scot McKnight, Regent & the King Jesus Gospel

Scot McKnight’s latest book, The King Jesus Gospel is a breath of fresh air on many different levels.  His primary contribution is that he takes the word “gospel” and gives it its full, biblical dimensions.  This is important because many … Continue reading

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To Vancouver to hear Scot McKnight

I’m heading up to Regent College to hear from Scot McKnight talk about his recent book The King Jesus Gospel, which I think really nails it. In the meanwhile, I’m struck by the amazing train ride Amtrak has from Seattle … Continue reading

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Back to VanCity for a Weekend

This weekend, we visited Vancouver for the first time in a long time to do some errands and see some very dear friends.  After being in Seattle for five months, after living in Vancouver for five years, Vancouver seems somewhat … Continue reading

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A few pics from Vancity

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