4 Years In…


4 years ago Thursday, this family began.  It was the hottest day in the month of May in Seattle’s recorded history (this site says it was 90 degrees; other sites say 92).  It was absolutely gorgeous, and I remember every minute of it, from waking up nervous, to taking pictures in the park early in the morning, to taking pictures with my groomsmen, pre-ceremony jitters… well, you get the idea.  It was an amazing day, and I still have people who were there tell me how much they enjoyed it.

Since, then, boy a lot has happened!  We lived in another country, I got a degree, we’ve moved 3 times, we had a baby (with another along the way), we moved back to the states, I switched careers.  I am now listening to our almost-2-yr-old protest taking her nap while trying to get stuff done around the house.  A lot of stuff has happened.  Maybe all that is predictable- that’s what happens when you get married!  But, looking back, it still seems like a lot.

I suppose God gives us anniversaries and other holidays to get a chance to take our breath and take stock of where we’ve been… and, to give thanks.



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1 Response to 4 Years In…

  1. enzedclaire says:

    WOW – 4 years Tim & Cyn… yeah anniversaries are important. Thinking of you on your special day… with love…

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