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Tim gets Published!

Last night, I spoke at a Burien City Council meeting, and a reporter for the Burien Daily asked me to send in a “letter to the editor” saying what I just said.  So I did- here’s the link that got published this morning.
The City Council meeting was about the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for Burien through 2018.  I was naturally interested in what people had to say, and was internally debating myself on whether to go up and speak.  When it came time for comments, an older guy came up and said that we needed MORE parking downtown- I told myself, “that’s my sign!” 🙂
So I went up and spoke up for a walkable, bikeable Burien with sidewalks and bike-lanes and a more dense urban core.   Not much of a response (although many city board members and citizens who attended the meeting were nodding as I spoke).

What does it mean to “get published” mean these days, anyways?  But Burien has a number of blogs that get quite good traffic (at least, I think so- a number of them get between 20K-75K unique visitors/month.  I don’t know how that measures up.)  Anyways, it was fun to get recognized.


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The annual Selin Family reunion in Leavenworth, WA

This weekend (Cyn arrived yesterday, Thursday, afternoon) is the weekend of the Seling Family’s get-together in Eastern WA.  “Selin” is Cyn’s Mom’s maiden name.  Cynthia is the oldest of eight children, which means getting together with just her siblings & … Continue reading

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Indian Trail at Three Tree Point

Indian Trail at Three Tree Point

This afternoon, the Burien Walk and Bike Association sponsored a walk on through the Duwamish “Indian Trail” (I’m sure that’s not what THEY called it :)), which is less than a mile from where we live.

I never knew our area was so darn beautiful. Check that- I did. But I didn’t know that there was access to this area.

This will become a popular hike for our family this summer and as long as we are here.

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