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The Nordic Heritage of Seattle

        Do you think of  “Seattle” and “Norwegian” as synonymous? Well, I don’t, anyways. What’s interesting is, not only is this the case, but the Impola family features front and center in this story. Going to Seattle’s Nordic … Continue reading

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Cynthia’s New Job!

Well, this is kind of old news by now (Tim has been encouraging me to do a post about it for at least a month) but I am finally writing about my new job!  I’ve now been at it for … Continue reading

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Great Summer Nights

It’s hard to imagine life gets better than this. Sure, there are things we want to accomplish, hopes we have got the family, things we look forward to. But, in terms of pure serendipity and fun, life is just starting … Continue reading

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Visit from Uncle Chris

Tim’s uncle, from NYC, came to visit on business the last two nights. Last night, he surprised us with tickets to the mariners game. They were playing the Red Sox, which means we were all routing for the Mariners! Our … Continue reading

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