Great Summer Nights


It’s hard to imagine life gets better than this.

Sure, there are things we want to accomplish, hopes we have got the family, things we look forward to. But, in terms of pure serendipity and fun, life is just starting up settle into something really special for us.

Seattle is somewhere around 60 days of straight sunshine- an all-time record. We’ve gotten too used to it, I’m sure, though we keep telling ourselves that crisper, darker, rainier fall days are just ahead of us. We arrived in Seattle/the USA a year ago + a few days. When we did, the summer went away quick. This year, it just seems to linger, staying around for a few encores.

In one year, we’ve developed a sense of place in where we are- a real connection to our particular community and its needs. God has also given us a community we live to worship in, meaningful work, and a sense of mission for the people and place we live around.

With Cyn’s new job, we are just Getting into a new rhythm. But as we do, the expectations of each part of the week become something to look forward to, just as the rhythms of each particular day do.

With both of us working within 30 blocks of home, it means we have the flexibility to add some unexpected fun into our schedule. Like tonight, when A& I picked her up, we decided to spend the evening at the beach. The weather, sunset, and water were perfect.

And then there’s Abigail. Every day w her has been a true delight, but these are just exceptionally so. She’s just learning to sing, and just learning to parrot certain phrases, which sound so funny coming out of her. Every night, before bed, we make up a game together.

Some people to love. Some things to do. Some things to chase after. Some continuity; some change.

What a great stretch.

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