The Nordic Heritage of Seattle

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Do you think of  “Seattle” and “Norwegian” as synonymous? Well, I don’t, anyways.

What’s interesting is, not only is this the case, but the Impola family features front and center in this story. Going to Seattle’s Nordic Heritage Museum, in the Ballard neighborhood, is like going through a family photo album.  Of course, it’s not the family *I* (Tim) grew up in, but it gives a “3D element to all the stories that Cyn’s family has told me about.

It’s all there: mass emigration in the late 1800s, the Homestead Act, Potato Famine, and Ellis Island.  Then there are the distinctives of Nordic culture: tight communities, hard work (usually with their hands- carpentry, logging, farming, etc), and the Lutheran faith!

There’s even a section that features Cyn’s great uncle, Oscar!







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  1. ekniffin says:

    That’s wonderful!

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