The ET Baby Comes Home

She’s so small!

Evelyn was born at less than half the weight of her older sister, Abigail. For the first week of her life, she had as many as 11 monitors hooked up to her tiny little body, measuring all types of indicators that she could survive- her temperature, oxygen, glucose levels, weight, heart beat… etc. At the hospital, they had her in little incubator with blue lights on her (look at her little “suntanning mask”!). Seeing all of these specialized Drs and nurses operate/monitor Evelyn 24/7 underneath all this special machinery reminded me of the movie ET, where Elliott is worried about all the scientists testing him.

Fortunately, she came home early. They gave her the “green light” much sooner than they originally expected, obviously a very good sign.

But it’s a very different thing than last time. Abigail was small and fragile- what does that make Evelyn?
Still, it’s amazing to think of how fragile she is.

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