It’s beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It's beginning to Look a Lot Like Christams

Actually, it looks nothing like “Chrstimas” here in the NW. It just looks like the the Northwest always does- a little drizzle, a lot of clouds. It’s been that way, really, since October. There’s nothing to distringuish this month from the others.

But, for the Kniffins, this is indeed a special Christmas, because it’s the first one when we have a child who is conscious, in some way, of what the while thing means. When I took Abigail to the store a few weeks ago and she saw her first Chrsitmas tree, her jaw dropped and she stared at it for 10 minutes. It was pretty amazing- just something about the tree and the lights caught her, and all of a sudden, she “got” Christmas. That’s a pretty powerful symbol.

Since then, she’s gotten other stuff- presents, Christmas carols, Chrsitmas stories, the Advent Calendar.. to one degree or another, she really seems to get this.

Chrsitmas morning should be something special!

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