Christmas Brunch with the Impolas (and Abigail as a Kniffin/Impola hybrid)

(***just to be clear: we are not ONE of these 10-person tables; we are ALL of them.  That’s our family :))

Uncle Mike was nice enough to treat us to Christmas brunch at

Anthony’s in Everett.  We are 30, so we got our own room (and we
FILLED that room!).  When you are this size (and half of your 30 are
under the age of 8 :)), really, meeting at a restaurant like this is
the way to go.  You get everything else taken care of: cooking,
cleaning, setting table…) and you can just concentrate on talking
and being together.  Capitalism, you are awesome.

But as great as the brunch was, we can’t help but notice something
that stands out in Abigail’s personality: she is a Kniffin. This never
stands out more than when she is around her cousins, many of whom are
within a year of her age, and the contrast in their personalities is
so apparent.  The lunch was two hours, and not a single one of her
cousins got up out of their chair.  Abigail?  Couldn’t spend more than
5 minutes in a chair.  She’s off saying hi to Grandma, Great Grandma,
and her aunts and uncles.  She’s asking me to go out and see the
boats.   She’s yucking it up with everyone at the table.  Those are
all Kniffin traits.

Kniffins (as Cynthia has noticed) tend to be boisterous, noisy, and
can’t wait to insert themslves into whatever is going on. Impolas (as
Tim has noticed) tend towards quiet, calm,
don’t-make-me-the-center-of-attentionness.  Neither way of being is
better than the other, these are just the characteristics of each
family.  And Abigail clearly favors the Kniffin side.

The other thing that sticks out to us is the importance of training.
We love her big personality and have no desire to squash it but she
does need to learn to channel it properly in public places.  And this
will take a lot of intentional, consistentent work on our part.

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