Tops 2012- top service: Netflix

Tops 2012- top service: Netflix

well, what is there to say about Netflix? We were probably a little late in the game coming to it. It’s so popular it uses 1/3 of the entire internet bandwith in the US. That’s popular.

Still, it’s worth mentioning how much this has affected our viewing habits. Movies that we already own on DVD- sitting only inches away from our screen!- we will still prefer the netflix version of it, as it is so easy to access. It’s never difficult to find out where we stopped in a tv episode. And we find the “predictor” as to what we would like to watch is pretty accurate.

All at $8/ month. That’s a lot saved, considering how much we used to spend on renting a DVD or going out to the movies. And it saves the time it would have taken to go to either of those places. It makes it all so EASY!

Which brings us to the one (pretty major) drawback to netflix: it’s SO EASY! Do you know how easy it is to go through a TV series when netflix automatically starts playing the next episode, BEFORE the credits finish rolling?

That means that one of our goals for 2013 is going to have to be about technology discipline. More on that later…

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