Tops 2012: Top Worst Decision: to give Abigail a haircut myself

If you didn’t already know, what gender would you say Abigail is in this picture?

“She just needs a little around the sides, and it to be evened out in front on her bangs” was what Cynthia said.
“Simple,” I thought. I did haircuts in college for the guys on my floor. That’s pretty much the haircut they got. I’ll just do it myself. In fact, why don’t I do all of Abigail’s haircuts from here on out? We’ll save money!

Famous last words. What can I say? It sounded good in my head. But when Cyn came home from work that day, the result was: Abigail had a full-on mullet.

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen her more disappointed in me in our 6 years of knowing each other. The best words I can think to describe her of are shock- the type of shock that arrests you before you can process any emotion. It took her 30-45 minutes before she could even stop crying. I think she might have had trouble breathing for a while.

Keep in mind all of these pictures are after Cyn went to Supercuts to get it “fixed”.  Immediately after the haircut, it looked worse.

photo (27)         IMG_1707-001 (1) IMG_1708-001 (1) photo (28)

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