Abigail measures the Door – YouTube

Abigail measures the Door – YouTube.

We all learn by�doing without self-consciousness.� Some are really “book smart” (learning by memorizing), some are “street smart” (learning through environment), and there are many other ways of learning. �But everyone, save none, learns best when as many parts of the mind are engaged and we unashamedly ask questions and allow our curiosity free reign. �The memories we carry with us, the voices and smells that are seared into our brains are from the times we were enjoying ourselves the most and the least self-conscious.

…and no one express this better than children.

This is, again, one of the real joys of parenting. �I marvel at the lack of pretension Abbey’s questions have- she just wants to learn, and asks�everything�on her mind. Here she is, “measuring the door” right when she saw me doing it. �She has no idea what an inch is, or why you would ever want to measure, but she knows enough from watching/imitating me that she�thinks she can. �And that makes all the difference.

via Abigail measures the Door – YouTube.

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  2. Missi says:

    Love it!!

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