Cynthia Returns to Work

After the surprise of Evelyn’s birth, a month early, I (Cynthia) felt totally unprepared to start maternity leave.  I had planned to spend the last few weeks before my due date getting everything organized so that I could make it as easy as possible for whoever would be taking my place.  (It took me many months to learn my job so I knew it would take a while for the new person to get going.)  Well, I didn’t end up having that preparation time but as it happened, the person who filled in for me was the woman who had had the job for the last few years – she knows it better than I do!  That was a huge gift, as I was able to meet with her for just an hour to catch her up and then not think about work for three months.

I returned to work on Friday, January 18th.  After such a long wonderful time at home with the girls, it took at least a few days to get my head back in the game but I think I am mostly there now.  And that brings me to some of the eternal questions of the working woman…what is the right balance between work and home? Am I spending enough time with Tim?  Are Abbey and Evie getting enough attention from me?  What do I do if I am really excited about moving forward in my career but believe that home should be my first priority?…and on they go.

Thankfully, I have about as ideal of a situation as one could ask for.  I work just 2 1/2 days a week but do enjoyable work about which I am passionate, my job is just five minutes from home and has a very flexible schedule, I have supportive co-workers and a wonderful boss, and I rarely have to take any work home.

I’m not sure where the future will take my career (I have some big aspirations) but for the moment, I am thankful for a position that keeps those questions from tormenting me!

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