Transform Burien



Transform Burien is a network of 12 area churches working to serve the Burien. We run bible studies, a clothing shelter, and, on Sunday afternoons, a meal program. We have worked at the meal program a few times and, when the girls are old enough, we will bring them

Some observations while serving meals to folks here:

  • -homeless folk who eat only organic foods. That one kills me on so many different levels.
  • -people at the food bank who “don’t look like they belong at a food bank.” Well-groomed, well- dressed folks. Kindly grandmas. That one probably says more about me- I need to expand my idea of what a homeless person “looks like”
  • -the number of homeless environmentalists
  • -the 2 homeless skateboarders, who tell me the virtues of the various area skate parks.

One of the very best things about living in a self-contained neighborhood is how persona/relational this experience can become. You see people in a number of different contexts, and eventually they start crossing paths. I meet people here and then see them when I’m walking around downtown burien, in the blocks around my neighborhood, etc. I don’t think you get that “near” of an experience in the middle of the city.

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