Watching Mark on Maundy Thursday

Our church had a local Christian Drama Company come and perform the Gospel of Mark for Maundy Thursday. In case you were wondering, there is not much creative license when acting out Mark- pretty much just the tone of your voice.



But it is a wonderful way to celebrate Maundy Thursday. There is something about seeing the gospel at once, performed, and vocalized out loud. It makes me remember that these documents were meant to be read aloud and heard together as a community. The stories are so quick, and lead one right into another. It makes me think a future Kniffin project should be memorizing a Gospel ourselves. Being able to have that in your back pocket is worth a theological class or two in and of itself.

Also, there’s something about seeing your two-year-old daughter witness the Gospel without your “filter”. When I read to Abigail her “Children’s bible” at night, the stories and pictures are all carefully crafted to be suitable for a 2 year old. But, watching this, it makes me remember that she’s


not getting the whole Story. And I really want her to hear that Story. Abigail was scared and squeezed my hand on certain parts of the story. But, of course, that is an appropriate reaction to those parts! And it makes me eager to share the rest of it to her when she can comprehend, bit by bit, how the Story all fits together.

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