With Nights Like These…


Tonight, we both rushed back from work to head to Greenlake Park in Seattle.  We had an appointment with a Seattle Times reporter, who was there to interview us about a series they are doing on young families and their finances (more on that later).  Because we got there early, we decided to spend the whole evening there.  That was the right decision.

Nights like these are the nights you remember in your dreams.  They are the type of night you tell to a friend to convince them to come live in Seattle.  I mean, there is not a thing wrong with it, and everything right with it. To begin with, the temperature was just idyllic.  I don’t know the degree (my guess is low 70s), but I can tell you how it felt- the sun rested on your cheek and ear, and cast a golden glow on those around you.  It was just warm enough that, if it were a degree or two more, you would start to sweat.  But, when you sweat, you love it because you can feel the sea breeze up against you.

More than that, though, was how alive Greenlake Park was.  On a beautiful Friday night like this, you saw a park at full capacity.  Church groups playing volleyball, families grilling out, soccer, baseball, frisbee, those flimsy-tightrope-type-things that people tie between trees.  All types of people on the 5k path around the lake- walkers, strollers, runners, bikers, rollerblades, and more.  All types of ages moving, all types of languages being spoken.

And I was with the people I care about most.  At the playground, around the lake, at at a restaurant acros the street.  People everywhere admired our girls, cooing and playing and making faces at them.

I just can’t imagine anyone being angry or stressed out on a night like this.  What in the world could be bothering you that seeing what’s around.

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