Abigail’s rendition of The Three Robbers – YouTube

Abigail’s rendition of The Three Robbers – YouTube.

A couple of thoughts here:

  • Just to be sure, Cyn & I have not “encouraged” or “taught” her this story.  She just gravitated to it.
  • The main impression this makes on me is that Abigail is turning out to be quite a memorize-er.  She has learned songs, books, and things she’s heard others say.  In particular, I think she’s not so much a memorize-er as an imitator.  That is, when something makes an impression on her, she will hyper-focus on that and will pick up a lot of detail.  Here, in this story, for example, she gets intonation, volume, and pitch really well.  When she hears Matt Redman sing, she gets his English accent.  All this reminds me very much of myself.
  • When I lived in Peru, I thought it was so funny how teenagers who knew no English would memorize songs in English.  They couldn’t pronounce the words correctly, and they didn’t know what they were saying, so they had to memorize ‘each syllable’.  That’s exactly what Abigail is doing here.  She doesn’t really know what the story is about, but she likes it so much that she’s memorized the pitch of the narrator’s voice.
  • She’s already got a “stage presence”- she loves being in front of people, and she is relentless when she senses she’s getting a laugh or some attention.  I think/hope this means she will be somewhat theatrical.
  • This story was a story my brothers and I loved quite a bit as children.  That makes me really happy.  Those moments of “parallel” are some of the most amazing, transcendental parts of parenting.
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1 Response to Abigail’s rendition of The Three Robbers – YouTube

  1. Missi says:

    She’s growing up SO fast!!! Kisses to Abbey from Auntie Missi!!

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