Memorial Day at Uncle Mike’s

Memorial Day is an honored holiday in the US.  But if you REALLY want to know how to celebrate it, you just can’t do better than heading over to Uncle Mike’s.  Mike Impola, who has large property, makes the most of it as he basically turns his property into a carnival for the day.  ~200-250 folks showed up this Memorial Day (a very rainy Memorial Day) to enjoy the festivities.

Why make it such a big event?  As best I can tell, it has to do with Mike’s sense of patriotism and the special role America has in the world.  This is something I’ve heard him talk about on occasion, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he holds it with reverence.  He wants to share that sense with others, and this is a way he does it.  The day starts off with a special service (see the pics in the big white tent- also, I have a picture of the program) honoring the country and fallen veterans.

The rest of the day is pure fun.  Catered meal, huge bouncy castles, trivia, games, ATV rides, tons of prizes, and a lot more.  I understand Mike’s 4th of July parties rival those of small cities.  When Mike makes a party, people enjoy it.

I’m looking forward to Abigail & Evelyn actually being able to remember these celebrations in years to come.



20130601-213737.jpg  Memorial Day 001 Memorial Day Program 001







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