7 hours in a plane with two very young ones

Today we are flying across the country from the east coast, where we spent a week with Tim’s family on the beach (more on that later).

We spent ~7 hours in an airplane today. And that’s after a flight delayed and having to spend the night in Norfolk for a 5am flight, and many hours driving in the last few days. Needless to say, we’re pretty spent.

But the kiddos have been pretty amazing, both today and on the way here. Part of that is their good-natured-ness. Part of that is Evelyn is a total people-hound, and LOVES public places where she can meet strangers. She can spend hours making eye contact with strangers. In planes. McDonald’s, church, trains, etc… Sh actively seeks out strangers and seeks to engage them. My favorite part is how deliberate and bold she is in getting their attention. She stares at them for minutes, lookin right into their eyes. If you avoid her gaze, she will move her face so you are again aware she is strains at you.

At one point, Evelyn literally had 3 different rows of adults simultaneously interacting with her. They were goadin her on, smiling and making baby noises at her. An she would reciprocate. Like a seasoned entertainer, she would alternate between the rows, giving each an equal amount of attention.

These pictures below dont really so it justice, but you can see how the two sisters passed time in our little aisle.







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