Those little prayers that get answered

Lately, we have been praying for more time around the house (eg, our front garden is overrun with weeds – we haven’t gotten to it in over a month!), while also looking for ways to connect with the neighborhood. As happens often these days, I came home from work wondering how we were going to get it all done. We were both feeling stress.

Wouldn’t you know it? Two children (Lenny and Juliana) from a few doors downs knocked on our door during dinner time and asked if they could do any chores around our house.  We were happy to hire them to weed and they did a great job!

I think moments like these are times God taps us on the shoulder and reminds us that He loves us and is more powerful than our circumstances. I try to carry these reminders with me through to tomorrow, when I’m sure there will be more stress to encounter!


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