Extra Photos from a Professional

Extra Photos from the Seattle Times Shoot

We had a professional photographer come by the house a few weeks back, and the photographer who came to our house promised to send us the extra photos.

I always love getting professional shots because pros can do so much with a picture. I suppose that’s obvious because…. hey, that’s why they’re professionals! Still, when a person who really knows how to use a camera takes a shot, I feel like it’s worth 100 of my own photos. The lighting, the angle, the expressions… they all add up to something more powerful than anything I do.

We have a design person at the Edge Foundation, who is teaching me to take better pictures. She is always telling me things that sound counter-intuitive to me- facial expressions that don’t seem like they’d be good pictures, angles and lighting that do’t seem like they’d work… but when y’re good at things like this, I suppose you learn that often what’s intuitive is not actually correct.


watching2 watching reading play kids IMG_6459 IMG_6447 IMG_6443 IMG_6410 IMG_0825 hanging

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