A New Member in the Family


Well, we waited 5.5 years of marriage for this moment. For the first few years, we barely needed a car at all. then came abigail, and it became more useful. then we moved to the USA, and it became more useful, again. with evelyn, having a bigger car helped. but it was never all that burdensome with one car. we took advantage of public transit. we coordinated our calendar. it was something we had to think ahead on, but it was not too taxing.

but the onset of the school year has brought new schedules and new rhythms. It tooks all of 10 days of new starting times, metings, and daycare responsibilities to decide we needed to expand our car portfolio.

I have yet to come up with a name for this very blue, 2 door 2001 civic, but we will keep you posted if we do.


img 25252

img 25252

I needed Eveyn to be my cute car model to show off the car IMG_2525 IMG_2524 IMG_2525

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1 Response to A New Member in the Family

  1. enzedclaire says:

    Looking good Tim!

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