Special Guest Post: Opa’s reflections on Removing the floorboards on the First Floor (Genesee Project #4)

DSCN0399  We worked hard on the Genesee Project!  For two days we dragged debris from the house to the front yard to be placed in a dumpster.  At the start  the second week, the dumpster arrived, and  the job fell to Tim and me top fill the dumpster.   We filled it quickly, and I was exhausted!

Then I got a new assignment.  Matt and Cynthia huddled the night before, and the decision was made to rip up the veneer of flooring that lay over the the fir base flooring. Because the oak veneer was thin and couldn’t easily be sanded, Matt suggested that the fir base would be attractive once it had be been sanded and treated.  So the task fell to me to rip up the veneer in the dining room and living room – veneer, nails and all.

It took about two  days to pull up all the veneer.  Once I found a rhythm, the job moved along quickly.  My knees took a beating,.. The nails were old, and the heads of the nails were sometimes stripped.   We filled up about six barrels of the wooden slats which made the oak veneer.

The fir base  now exposed will need some tender loving care to get the look that Cynthia and Tim desire.  Sanding, a filler,  a stain and polyurethane will be needed.  But, it’s all part of the care that an old house needs to met the exacting standards of today’s young homeowenrs!  But, Cynthjia and Tim can get it done!


DSCN0389 DSCN0390 DSCN0391 DSCN0392 DSCN0393 DSCN0394 DSCN0399

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