Hi!!! I’m completing one year today!!

Last year this day, late in the night, I came into the world. I was tiiiiny (4lb, 11oz) and seemed so fragile for a while under all the lights and monitors of the NICU.  But I have more than made up for my preemie status, going from the 4th percentile at birth to the 70th at my one year check up, and crawling and walking right on target even though I was supposedly developmentally a month behind.

IMG_1765 IMG_1758

I am even more of an extrovert than my sister and love to capture the attention of everyone around me with my smiles and constant motion.  My mom and dad say that I am going to be an athlete because I like to move so much and am already so strong and agile.

My personality was captured very well yesterday at small group.  While all the adults sat in a circle and talked about serious stuff, I tried to break through the barrier my mom had set up for me so that I could climb up the stairs (for the 69th time).  When I couldn’t get through, I brought a toy to the center of the circle and held on to it while I tried out some new steps and yelled, trying to catch the eyes of as many people as I could.  Then I tried to make a break for the stairs again but when I couldn’t do it, I crawled directly up to some friendly faces and banged on their knees until I got their attention.

039I bring so much delight to my mom and dad and sister.  Here’s to another year!

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1 Response to Hi!!! I’m completing one year today!!

  1. elliekniffin says:

    What a Sweetheart!! Hugs from O and O

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