Genesee Update: Basement Coming along… (GP #5)

“All the rough stuff’s done”

That’s how Uncle Matt, a contactor himself, describes the point the basement is at right now. He said that, typically, once the insulation is done in a house, the rooms really begin to take shape. We are now one step away from the insulation- which I guess makes us one step away from half-way done, by Matt’s estimate. But, if you consider where we’ve come from, that’s really saying something!

Consider where we started:


This basement was barely used. It leaked, it had poorly formed walls, it didn’t support the main floor very well, and it had no access to the main floor. And now you can easily see the outlines of a basement that will be the main living quarters for us.

And here’s where we are at, now:

Below are a few more shots, including some before-and-after shots:


The Stairs- Before

What was once floor is now making room for stairs!



The stairs- Now



The rest- bedrooms, downstairs bathroom, etc









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1 Response to Genesee Update: Basement Coming along… (GP #5)

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, so much excitement since I last visited your blog! Keep up the good work. Maybe you’ll be featured on HGTV someday 🙂

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