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One Week to Moving Day (GP #9)

And so the end nears. There is something scary about the finality of Saturday, when we move in: it’s the “end”.  All the work we’ve put into this house- the initial looking, and then the excavation, the architectural plans, the … Continue reading

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Christmas 2013 (with special guest post from Oma)

Holidays are great because they force you to slow down and enjoy something.  These last 6 months have been busy- the busiest of our years as a family.  Jobs, roles at church, extra jobs, working through childrens’ schedules and, of … Continue reading

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Special Guest Post from Opa: Christmasstime at the Genesee Project

  Upon going over to the Genesee Project house on Monday, December 16th, it was great to see how much work had been done compared to mid-October.  At that time, Dave and Matt Impola were just beginning to hack down … Continue reading

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Time Flying By… and So Much Still to do

Though it’s ‘Christmas Vacation’, this will be a very busy few weeks.  We need to move in by the 6th (our landlords graciously gave us an extra few days in January :)), and as of a few days ago, here … Continue reading

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A special Christmas surprise

Well, “White Christmases” don’t happen too often in Seattle, so this is a special occurrence. But, to be honest, the weather forecasters are predicting it will be gone by the end of the day due to rain.

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Watching Charlie Brown Christmas with the Girls

This is was the Christmas season is all about: cold, dark nights, warm homes, comfy chairs, and hanging out together.

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Drywall Up (GP #8)

Because this house requires so much work, by far the most important work has been “behind the scenes” stuff- plumbing, sump pump, electricity, framing, waterproofing, etc… These are literally the foundational elements of a house- iIf these things don’t work … Continue reading

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Shivery in Seattle

Today is a cold one in Seattle. I heard from someone that it’s the coldest day in 3 years in the city (I have not confirmed whether this is true or not, so it could be just hearsay). But I … Continue reading

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Advent Prayer

I (Tim) had the honor of leading worship at our church yesterday, the first Sunday of Advent. The service focused on the global nature of the season- God became human to save all of us. It’s an excruciatingly beautiful thought- … Continue reading

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