Time Flying By… and So Much Still to do


Though it’s ‘Christmas Vacation’, this will be a very busy few weeks.  We need to move in by the 6th (our landlords graciously gave us an extra few days in January :)), and as of a few days ago, here was our list of things left to do:


Genesee Project – Final Punchout List

  • Kitchen

–       Install countertop Formica

–       Install Appliances

–       Install Kitchen sink

–       Repair upper cabinet end panel

–       Sand and paint cabinets

–       Install under cabinet lighting

–       Build pantry shelves

–       Install pantry door

  • X. Paint exterior door
  • Dining-

–       Install light fixture

  • X Caulk and seal old window

–       Install large base trim

  • Powder Room-

–       Install Vinyl floor

–       Install toilet

–       Install sink cabinet and mirror

–       Install hardware

–       Shelf behind toilet

  • Upstairs Bedroom-

–       Install mushroom light

–       Install storage room floor

–       Install storage shelves

–       Install base trim

  • Living Room-

–       Install large base trim

–       Install mushroom light

–       Fix fireplace tile

  • Entry-

–       Install tile floor

  • X Paint front door

–       Install large base trim

–       Install mushroom light

  • Stairway

–       Install skirt boards

–       Caulk and paint stairwell window

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