Christmas 2013 (with special guest post from Oma)


Holidays are great because they force you to slow down and enjoy something.  These last 6 months have been busy- the busiest of our years as a family.  Jobs, roles at church, extra jobs, working through childrens’ schedules and, of course, completely renovating a house has caused us all to really evaluate how we use our time.  At times, it feels like every event of the day is just a task to get done and move on to another task.

But Christmas comes along and forces- grabs you by the collar and forces you to stop– and remember what’s important.

Oma has been really important in getting us through these final weeks of 2013- here’s her thoughts:
photo  We returned home yesterday from 2 wonderful weeks with Tim, Cynthia and their 2 precious girls in Seattle.  Each morning Abigail enjoyed going to her Advent Calendar to open up a little surprise and hang it on the Christmas tree.  Clip and I had times of babysitting or painting trim and doors (Abbey even got to put on the first strokes of paint on her bedroom door). On Dec. 19th I got to go to Abbey’s preschool class where we decorated our own gingerbread house and share in the Christmas party.  Dec. 20 we woke up to Abbey’s sweet 3 year old voice repeating “snow”, “snow”, “SNOW”.  Sure enough the ground was white and Opa and Abbey went out to make a little snow man and throw snowballs.  What joy to see her excited face as she played in the snow.  Christmas Eve was again a special time with 3 of Cynthia’s siblings stopping by (Cynthia hadn’t seen her brother Scott since last Christmas) the Christmas Eve service and back home to read ‘Twas the Night before Christmas.  On Christmas morning the first thing Abbey wanted to do was move baby Jesus into the crèche, then Cynthia treated us to a festive breakfast with bacon, crepes topped with 3 berries and almond flavored whipped cream.  

photo (26)  Then we watched Abbey and Evie open stocking gifts and some Christmas gifts.  I believe Abbey favorite gift was her Doctor kit..she checked her Mom’s lungs, Opa’s ears and put bandages on her Daddy.  Before noon we went to a playground by Green lake! then on to Cynthia’s parents home for a family Christmas Day…a delicious ham dinner and hours of visiting and board games.  It was a very nice Christmas Day with the warm hospitality of the Impolas.  On Dec. 26th we went downtown Seattle to their “Michigan Ave.”  Abbey and I rode on a purple horse on the festive carousel while Opa kept a watchful eye on Evie as she chased all the pigeons.  Afterwards we went to an elaborate display of Mother Goose and Seattle themed  gingerbread houses…it was awesome!
Yes, we worked on the new house and packed a tiny bit but we mainly remember the memories of being with Tim, Cynthia, Abigail and Evelyn.  What a blessing!

Oma Kniffin

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1 Response to Christmas 2013 (with special guest post from Oma)

  1. Bobbie (Nana) Elliott says:

    Cynthia & Tim, Oma sent me your blog which I thoroughly enjoyed. She knew I would since we both love being grandparents to Colleen & Drew’s twins. I spent 2.5 hours getting caught up with you.
    I loved the birth picture of Evelyn (I can relate, I weighed 3lbs. at birth) and the amazing progress she has made. I was excited to see the video of her first 5 steps!
    Tim, I was awed at Abigail’s ability to understand Spanish as seen in the basement video. I gave the twins about 30 books in English & Spanish for Christmas. I’d better start learning Spanish right along with them so I can keep up with them.
    I am astonished as I observe the remodeling of your home. Extremely interesting. I wish I could be there to help. Oma and I have worked together on painting D&C’s former apartment and it was so much fun. Tim & Cynthia, you have been blessed with wonderful, hardworking, generous relatives. I pray you will be finally in you “new” home by January 6th and God continues to bless your family through the new year. Love, Bobbie

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