One Week to Moving Day (GP #9)

And so the end nears.

There is something scary about the finality of Saturday, when we move in: it’s the “end”.  All the work we’ve put into this house- the initial looking, and then the excavation, the architectural plans, the drywalling, the painting, etc… it all comes down to this point.  And we do not feel ready.

But I suppose it’s just as well.  When would we ever feel ready?  When would we feel like the house was ‘perfect’ and that we don’t need to do any more work on it???  I suppose that feeling would never actually come.

Here is where we are at, right now:

For a little perspective, here is the firsts time we visited the home, in May of this year.  It’s a little long, but amazing in seeing the difference.

We’ve come a long way.  We are very proud of everything we’ve done.  And, though we intend to do more in the future, I know it’s common to forget about all those plans when you actually move into the house.  So we are going to try to pack as much as we can into these next few days and be prepared for the big move on Saturday!

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