We… Are… In! (GP #11)

pretty much the whole house looks like this

pretty much the whole house looks like this

What a weekend. This is what we will be looking at for the next week (s) as we sort out living in this new place.

But we are IN!! My friend Dan, who helped us move, looked around the house as we brought in the last box and remarked- “you have a lot to do!” Our thought was- ‘this is nothing! You’re looking at 1 little final step of a thousand step journey! We’ve come so far that all the cleaning, arranging, and even future projects don’t intimidate us.’

This is a major, major threshold we’ve crossed here. And boy do we have a lot to feel thankful for this weekend. Two jump out:

1- great friends, great help: a dozen friends showed up on Saturday to lend a hand. Anyone who’s moved knows the truth of that proverb about many hands making light work.

2- great weather- blue skies, close to 50-degree weather for an entire weekend. If it was raining (or, as most of the rest of the nation experienced, cold and snow), this would have been a significantly more difficult move.

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2 Responses to We… Are… In! (GP #11)

  1. elliekniffin says:

    Praise God. You are in! Thanks to your organization and your wonderful friends. can’t wait to hear more!!

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