The Hearth makes the Home grow Fonder


(*** I’m not sure I’m using the phrase used in the title correctly)

Well, the last two weeks have been something of a let-down.  Not in the sense that the house has been a disappointment- far from it!!  But more in the sense that this has been an enormous undertaking, and after accomplishing something this big, you begin to take stock of all you’ve done.

Moving into this home has been, honestly, a year+ long process.  From the time we decided to start looking for a home, to picking the home, to setting up this odd loan we got, to renovating it…  the whole thing has taken time, and energy.  And that has only ramped up in the past few months, as every spare waking hour given to the house and taken away from the family or from sleep.  It’s all been worth it, of course.  But it has been… exhausting.

And, after crossing that threshold and finally moving in, one naturally lets go of all of the pressure that had been building up. The Genesee Project will continue… for years to come!  But this is the final line that we had been hoping to cross for some time.  We are in- come whatever may in the future, we are in.

Grandpa & Grandma Impola came by to celebrate with us last night, and Grandpa set up a fire in our hearth.  It’s feeling like home already.

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