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Thoughts on the Sting & Paul Simon concert

At first, we didn’t get these two as a combination together.  Then we started to think of a few things they have in common.  First, they’re both incredible musicians who have been relevant for decades upon decades (PS: 6 decades; … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Port Townsend

When Tim and I realized this was a holiday weekend, we quickly decided to make good use of it by taking our first real family getaway.  Now that Evelyn is over a year old, she is a little more predictable … Continue reading

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Some Snow Visits Us for 24 hours

In Seattle, when we get snow, it’s a special occasion.  In Chicago, where I grew up, winter = several months of snow.  And I miss that.  But it does make the snow we get here special. This snow was just perfect for … Continue reading

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A Good Night for Seattle

It’s a special thing to watch the Super Bowl with your team, who hasn’t participated in some time, plays and then wins. And then wins convincingly- suprisingly convincingly!  If that game doesn’t qualify as a “beatdown”, then I don’t know … Continue reading

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