A Weekend in Port Townsend


When Tim and I realized this was a holiday weekend, we quickly decided to make good use of it by taking our first real family getaway.  Now that Evelyn is over a year old, she is a little more predictable and that makes these kinds of trips easier.

Port Townsend is on the Olympic Peninsula, close enough to reach in a few hours but far enough away that it feels like a real getaway.  Some of our favorite parts of the weekend included:

  • taking a ferry ride both ways, which Abigail, in particular, enjoyed
  • staying in an historic hotel (built in the 1890s, restored in the 1990s) which is situated right in the middle of PT’s “old town.”
  • breakfast pastries from Pan d’Amore
  • time to stroll among PT’s touristy shops
  • wine and my favorite chocolate in the “lobby” of the hotel – the only place we had to hang out after the girls went to sleep
  • a trip to nearby Fort Worden with a walk on the beach
  • a drive through the always beautiful Deception Pass
  • ending the weekend with a cousin’s birthday party which happened to be along our way back

All in all, it was a great family time and we have already decided to make a President’s Day mini-getaway our annual tradition.



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1 Response to A Weekend in Port Townsend

  1. Missi says:

    Cindy, one of my co-workers spent the weekend there too! How cool! Glad you all had a nice time, love seeing pictures too! Love and hugs to the girls, love Auntie Missi xoxo

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