Thoughts on the Sting & Paul Simon concert


  • At first, we didn’t get these two as a combination together.  Then we started to think of a few things they have in common.  First, they’re both incredible musicians who have been relevant for decades upon decades (PS: 6 decades; Sting: 4 decades) by adapting and changing their music.  Second, they both started off in bands but have had a formidable solo career.  Third, their sounds actually complement each other quite a bit: both started off as rock musicians, but not-unoccasionally dip into jazz and even country.
  • They really did a great job of making the show collborative.  I’ve gone to “duo” concerts where there wasn’t much interaction between the headliners, but this was not the case here.  They started the show together and ended the show together.  In between, they went back and forth from doing solos, combos, and covering each others’ songs.  You really got the feeling that the two had respect/affinity for each other.
  • Their ability to perform at their age is inspiring: Sting is 62, PS: 72.  Paul Simon is one year older than my dad.  I am trying to imagine my dad command an audience of 20k+ for 3 hours.  I’m trying to imagine him singing 3 hours, expending that energy…  It’s really something.
  • Sting’s voice is amazing- I really don’t think there’s anything missing from his albums.  At 62, he hits all the notes- he even seems to go after the high ones.
  • We were definitely one of the youngest people at the concert- or, at least in our section.  I’m trying to figure out what this says about us.  I can think of a few different options…

Our favorite song of the evening:

And a few pictures:

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