Abbey makes her First Joke in Spanish

“Dah-Dah, can you please hand me my dolly?”

“Abbey, yo estoy manejando el carro ahora; no puedo tomar tu dolly” (Abbey, I’m driving; I can’t get your doll!)

“No, dah-dah.  Tu no estas manejando el carro-  Yo estoy manejando el carro!” (No dad, you’re not driving the car; I’m driving the car!)

(Both Abbey & Dad proceed to laugh)

Granted, it’s not the best joke I’ve ever heard in my life, but it was a joke in a different language, and that’s saying something.  I take joking to be a step forward in mastery of a language.  It shows confidence and an ability to improvise with words.  That’s something.

Abbey still speaks very basic Spanish- she’s just getting down “you” and “I”, and uses only the primary verbs.  But when you can do something other than just repeat what you’ve heard, you are on your way to learning.  I’m hoping those are building blocks for further improvement.

Also, she’s 3.  I suppose that’s enough reason to give her a little lee-way. 🙂

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