The Day our House became a Home


8 months ago, we bought this home.  It needed a lot of work.

So much work, it meant our neighbors would have to put up with a lot.  The first thing the workers did was tear down part of the front fence, creating an eyesore for anyone walking by.  To me, having the front fence torn down is kind of like welcoming someone into your house and having a pile of dirty laundry on the living room floor.  Not to be outdone, to the fence we added many piles of junk in the front yard, a garbage-bag-scaffolding over the front door, and an 8-foot-hole in the front yard.  For those 8 months, everything about our property screamed “work in progress- bear with us!”

Now, we are nowhere near “finished” with our house- most homeowners tell me there’s no such thing, anyway.   No sir, the Genesee Project has another 100 items on the to-do list, and I’m sure it will take several years to complete.

But today, we crossed a major threshold: we made the house decent to look at from the front.  Dad Impola came to visit and help us put back up the front fence. And we added two yards of topsoil to the front yard to even out the odd landscape leftover from the hole that was there.  Along with the grass seed put in, it looks great and will get better. The point is, the house looks cared for.  It looks nice.  It looks purposeful.  It looks… like a home.

And, after a full day of work for all of us (including the girls! :)), the house looks like it welcomes you as you approach it.  Anyone who has ever had a “labor of love,” where they put a lot of effort into a project and didn’t see results immediately can appreciate this.  It’s gratifying it is to see at least some of your dreams, inch by inch, become realized.

Here’s a little photo album of the day:


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