Mount Si

photo 3

We’ve made it a goal this summer to go hiking at least three times and are proud to say that we’ve already gone twice! Specifically, we have wanted to do Mount Si, a popular hike right off of I-90, about 40 minutes from our house. Besides its relatively close location to the city, Mount Si is popular because it is a great training hike. It is just over four miles to the top but its challenge is the 1,000 feet of elevation gained per mile. When I was regularly climbing with the Seattle Mountaineers, this was the hike we used to measure our level of fitness – if we could make it to the top with a 40 pound backpack in under 2 1/2 hours, we were ready for climbing season.

This morning, we were on the Mount Si trail by 8:30am. Since both Tim and I love hiking and backpacking, we want to get our girls used to the idea of walking a long distance at a pretty young age. And this feels like the first summer that they’re both old enough to do that. So, although we each carried one of them in a backpack for 3/4 of the way, we also made them walk a good part of the way and they both did a pretty good job of navigating the rocky, steep trail without complaining. (The promise of ice cream at the bottom helped.)

This morning, we only went up two and back two miles because we ran out of time. But we are excited to get an earlier start next time and complete the entire eight miles. More importantly than that, though, we are excited to get our girls used to the idea that we are an active family that loves the outdoors.

(And also a plus, though this is not WHY we hike: having my calorie counter tell me that I could eat an additional 1,947 calories today! 🙂

Tim carried Abigail and all of our snacks.

Tim carried Abigail and our snacks.

A very "Northwest" look

A very “Northwest” forest

Evelyn was all tuckered out by the end.

I carried Evelyn, who was all tuckered out by the end.

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1 Response to Mount Si

  1. Michelle says:

    Love that you are sharing your passion for the outdoors with your kids. Maybe one day our kids will hike together!

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