Abigail’s First VBS and learning Praise Songs

Abbey Sings VBS Song (Psalm 105)

Abigail went to her first VBS this last week.  While she had a great time singing, learning, and playing with her many friends at church, what’s infinitely more pleasing as a parent is that she loved the worship part of the week.  She is persistent in making us play the CD of all the VBS songs when we are in the car.  And there are some great songs on it!

 My favorite is a song called “Sing to God” based on Psalm 105.  There are two lines in particular that I love, and find myself meditating on and humming during the day to myself:

 “All things marvelous, marvelous… are marvelous, because of You”


 “Dwell on all His wondrous works!”

The first is the clue- the hint that there is a Majestic God, a Beautiful God who creates, recreates, and delights in His creation.  As Paul says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (Romans 1). The clue is the aroma of God that can be sensed by anyone who is seeking Him.  Where does Beauty come from?  Where does Good come from?  Where does Delightful come from?  It all comes from Him, the Source of all that is Good.

The second is the obvious follow through of the first: Dwell on those works!  Once I realize that these hints are all leading towards not just a thing, but a Person, it compels me to dwell in God, to inhabit His presence, to joyously delight in His Presence and seek to know it and know Him.

I was driving through a lovely part of Washington today for work.  I saw lush rainforest, evergreen forest, majestic mountains, alpine meadows, mountaintop azure lakes, dry desert, and lush farmland–all in the course of two hours!!  And I thought to myself– dwell on all His wondrous works! Oh, if I could just capture that moment, that feeling, that inward posture of worship and wonder and awe.  I don’t think there is much of a point to life apart from this feeling. 

So you can understand my tears of joy hearing these amazing, gorgeous words come from my four year old daughter.  Oh, that God would allow me to introduce her to the joys of His love!  For the grace to just lead her to those waters- to know He satisfies, that he Delights, that only He is truly Nourishing!  My heart aches at the thought that she might not know this- is it possible that she would not be sensible to this?  Is it possible that somehow she could grow and mature without realizing this all-important truth?  What if she didn’t sense me as a good model of this?  What if she was somehow insensible to this?

If I had 100 wishes as a Father, all 100 would be: that she would notice God’s Beauty and Dwell on His Works.  If you could assure me right now that, by cutting off my arm, my girls would accomplish this in their lives, I would do it in a second.  All other accomplishments- what they do, who they know, where they go… are insignificant other than this one important aspiration: that they would notice His Beauty and Dwell on Him.

 So… thank you, VBS.  You have given me a gift!

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2 Responses to Abigail’s First VBS and learning Praise Songs

  1. Missi says:

    Yay Abbey!! Love and kisses, Auntie Missi

    Tim, teach Abbey the Christmas song Grandma loves, “Come on Ring Those Bells” 😉

  2. Ellie Kniffin says:

    Abbey, we love your singing and so happy your liked VBS .
    We love youNd love your songs.
    Hugs from Opa and Oma

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