A Very Important Day for the Kniffins



The first night at Drew & Colleen’s new place


This week (last Sunday, to be precise) marks one of the most important days in the life of our family.  Our dear brother & sister (in-law) are moving to Seattle from Minneapolis.  They will live just a handful of blocks away.  

Our whole life is predicated on family and the belief that God works in and through families to transform ourselves and the people around us.  We moved to Seattle because Cyn’s family is nearby.  But we still wanted to be near Tim’s family. Although we considered moving to the Midwest, a good opportunity never arose.  Now we had the Midwest come to us. 🙂

As anyone who reads this blog knows, having more family nearby makes everything great about life better: community, connection, shared experiences, and shared mission.  It gives our kids more adults to look up to and gives our adults more kids to be thankful for.  I could go on but you get the point: we are extremely happy for this day and the ability to live near our dear uncle, aunt, and cousins.

Welcome to Seattle, Uncle Drew & Aunt Colleen!

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3 Responses to A Very Important Day for the Kniffins

  1. Ellie Kniffin says:

    Wonderful that brothers and their wives who are like sisters are together, BLESSINGS.

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