Seasons Coming, Going


Our first frost of the Fall happened this morning, right on schedule.  Along with Daylight Savings bringing darkness earlier, and with a record amount of rain over the last month+ we have definitely transitioned away from summer and even “Indian Summer” to the End of the Year.

These are the days “they” warn you about when you move to Cascadia.  The dark.  The persistent rain.  What’s to like here?  I admit it: these aren’t my favorite months of the year.

Abbey is, for the first time, noticing these differences and asking about them.  ‘Why is it dark now?’, ‘Why is it colder?’, she asks.  Because my parenting/teaching philosophy is always to assume she understands more than she probably does, I do my best to explain seasons and change and weather. I’m not sure how much she understands concepts like “seasons”, “weather change”, much less light patterns during the day… but I’m going to throw those concepts at her and see how much she comprehends.

That also provides a chance to teach about Light.  Thanksgiving is coming up, and the darkness reminds us of days and weather we like and long for.   It also transiitions well into the Advent Season: because it’s so dark here in Cascadia, the contrasting Advent Candle and provides a perfect time to talk about the Light that Christ brings into the world.

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1 Response to Seasons Coming, Going

  1. Ellie Kniffin says:

    Well written and thought out Tim! What great parents you and Cynthia are to your kids. I never seemed to have the time of reflection as you do…you and Cyn are great parents.

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