A Great Passing

This Friday marked one of the most difficult losses I have ever faced.  Greg, my brother, died of cancer at the age of 36.

It was less than a year ago that we learned of Greg’s diagnosis and it is hard to believe that he is gone already.  There will be a lot of adjustments for the Impola family in the coming year(s), most especially for my sister-in-law, Kathryn, and their children.

This journal made a decision not to document Greg’s battle because we wanted to respect his privacy (though he himself was pretty open about it). Yet it’s the mission of this journal to document and reflect the major transitions of family life, and this certainly qualifies. So it made sense to at least mark this important date.

His memorial service is next Saturday after which point I will include a eulogy and some more personal memories.  For the moment, it is enough to say that we are heartbroken.

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1 Response to A Great Passing

  1. Missi S. says:

    Cindy, very well written! I can’t believe my sweet cousin Greg, who’s less than 6 mos. older than myself, is gone… I am also so hearbroken. His younger kids, I fear, won’t remember how great their Dad truly was! I have SO many memories of great times growing up with Greg, from childhood til death. One memory is just crusin’ around in the “Thumpin’ Pumpkin'” (or the good old ’78 Mazda GLC Sport) 😉

    He will most definitely be missed and longed for, for many years to come.
    Love, Missi

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