More thoughts on Greg’s passing…

Yesterday marked the last official event that commemorated Greg’s passing onto eternity…the burial.  For me, it felt very final.  I’m not sure whose decision it was but we did something that I’ve never done before at a graveside service.  We (a small group of family) buried him ourselves.  As I think about it more, it seems very appropriate that we would do this for Greg.  Seeing individuals in GSI caps (GSI was Greg’s construction company) shoveling dirt into a large hole was a scene that happened many times on Greg’s job sites.  Greg’s sons, Isaac and Luke, were given the first opportunity to add dirt to the grave.  As Isaac (13 years old) was expertly wielding his shovel I couldn’t help thinking, His DAD taught him how to do that!  And now he has no dad.  Reliving that thought makes me tear up every time.

Tom, Kathryn’s dad, talked at the graveside service about how although this event is tragic and we will experience the grief for years and years to come, because of Jesus it does not define us.  And that is so true.  That is my prayer for Greg’s kids especially, that they will grow into adults marked by the presence of Christ in their (now) young lives – through the Holy Spirit working in their hearts and minds, through the body of Christ surrounding them, through their own interaction with God’s promises in scripture – and not forever wounded by this tragic event.  That they will feel the freedom to grieve and cry out to God in sadness, anger, and doubt (because God is big enough for all of our emotions) and come out on the other side knowing that God is who He says He is, even when we don’t understand what is going on.  That they will know that there is a great battle going on that that Christ has won for us and will win forever someday.  That they will long for God’s kingdom to come in all of its fullness, a kingdom where there will be no more hurt or sadness or broken relationships or death or sin.

Greg’s eulogy can be found here.

On Friday, during the visitation and viewing, we had a chance to share personal memories.  What I shared is here.




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2 Responses to More thoughts on Greg’s passing…

  1. Missi S. says:

    Beautifully written, Cindy!! Love you!

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