Evie and Language Imitation

Our youngest is really in an experimentation mode with language.  This carries with it the virtue of being incredibly cute to see such a little person using language she obviously doesn’t know.  In this case, that phrase is “I was just wondering…” She must have heard one of us using it and she’s trying to incorporate it into her regular vocabulary.  But it’s obvious that she doesn’t know how to complete a sentence that starts off with “I was just wondering…”, so she just repeats it.  She must’ve repeated it 50x in 10 minutes around this video.

On a sadder note, this means that Little Evie is really maturing, and won’t be “Little Evie” for much longer.  And, of course, that’s one of the main reasons we write entries like this- because they go by so quicly! 🙂

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