Like father, like daughter

(by Cynthia)

We are three months into the school year and Abigail fortunately really likes doing homework.  The page pictured above is actually an extra assignment I found for her since she said, “But I don’t want to stop learning!” after finishing her assigned homework.

It is fascinating to see new parts of our daughter as she navigates her way through the many new situations and so far, everything we learn seems to support a fact we already knew: Abigail is a mini version of her father.  This page is a case in point.  I read the directions to Abigail and she certainly understood them but about halfway through, she decided she would put a humorous twist on the assignment and started answering the questions in her own way.  I was particularly impressed (and amused by) her last answer, “I do not no (know)” because she sounded it all out by herself. She is getting really good at sounding out words and remembering sight words!  Hopefully she will be as smart as her dad as well!

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