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A Dream Come True: Oma & Opa Kniffin Begin their Move to Seattle from Chicago

When I moved out to the Cascadia/ Pacific Northwest region from Chicago, I immediately loved it. And I’ve often said, I’m as happy as a person could be, except for one thing: family. My family was spread far and wide … Continue reading

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Growing Up Is Tough

Last night, I told Abigail that Santa wasn’t real.  Typically, parents wait a little longer to dispel that belief but Abigail’s imagination and belief in the magical are SO strong that I felt like the longer we let her believe … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday 2016

Abbey’s at the age where she can understand quite a few spiritual concepts.  So it was fitting, tonight, she asked about why we put that “dark, smudgy stuff” on our foreheads, and why we would celebrate something like being made … Continue reading

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LA Getaway

The “Getaway”: a necessary, temporary flee to a place that has warmth & sunshine, from a place that doesn’t. This year, I was fortunate enough to have a training for work in Los Angeles.  Family helped out with some timely babysitting, … Continue reading

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