A Dream Come True: Oma & Opa Kniffin Begin their Move to Seattle from Chicago


The house Oma & Opa owned for 30 years.  Also, the house my brothers & I grew up in

When I moved out to the Cascadia/ Pacific Northwest region from Chicago, I immediately loved it. And I’ve often said, I’m as happy as a person could be, except for one thing: family. My family was spread far and wide across the continent, and I’d love to see them more.

We would conspire about how to live close to each other, but of course it’s difficult to decide where that should be- should you pick up and move to where I live, or vice versa?

Well, we made some progress. About 1.5 years ago, Uncle Drew & Aunt Colleen moved here from Minneapolis. They bought a house 2 miles down the road from us.  It was a very exciting day.

But not quite as exciting as today.  For today is when another member of the Kniffin family- Oma & Opa Kniffin- leave their home town of Wheaton, IL (where they have lived for 35 years!) to come join us in Seattle!

Though they were sad to say good bye to their friends, we are all grateful to be living near each other. I, for one, couldn’t be happier- it’s a dream come true.

The above photo is the house they are leaving (that’s the same house I grew up in).  Below is a video of Oma & Opa touring me through the house, several months ago when we were there to visit them.

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