8 Years In… celebrating our anniversary



On the Seattle waterfront, at the Edgewater Hotel for drinks. Over Cyn’s left ear, you can see the Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier

Celebrating Anniversary 2016 involved a “stay’cation” in Seattle: a few nights out on the town, a child-less weekend (thanks, family!!!), a day-hike, and re-connecting… sometimes, in ways it felt like we hadn’t since before the kids were born.  We need to do this more often. 🙂

Cyn & I were asked this week what is was like to be married for 8 years.  Like a lot of married people (I think), I replied: “I don’t know.  it feels less like 8 years, and more like 8 months”.  And, I’m sure, because marriage and family keeps us busy, and also because we will get older and time will feel like it’s going faster, this feeling that years go by quickly will continue.

But, of course, they’ve been quick and full, good, blessed years.  In fact, as we reflected on what’s happening in our lives, we reflected on all the blessings we’d received.  This anniversary, in particular, felt like a turning point: like we’d been working for 8 years to create a life together, and the foundational level had finally been set.  What I mean by that, is in 8 years, we have:

  • moved 5 times, in 2 different countries
  • had a couple of children
  • bought a house
  • begun making relationships in neighborhoods we love
  • found meaningful work near-by in our neighborhood
  • found a way to live nearby dear family members, Drew & Colleen, and their family
  • gotten Oma & Opa Kniffin to move nearby
  • arranged so that Drew &  Colleen, Oma & Opa, and us all live within a few miles of each other
  • found a great church to worship at


And, for the first time in our lives, it feels like we are “settled”.  Lord-willing, this is where we will be spending the next very-many-years in our lives.








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